About Us

     We are a Healing & Deliverance Ministry of the Spirit and  a branch of IT Iz FINISHED End Times' Ministries. We aim to help those who have been wounded due to Narcissistic Abuse.In order to be WHOLE in God, we must be healed from the inside out. Only then can we embrace the deliverance that Jesus made possible through His death on the cross. God has a purpose for you  in these last days, but first, you must understand His LOVE for you and then LOVE yourself and others.

     We do NOT charge for this ministry and will help anyone in accordance to Biblical sound doctrine and psychological research. Should additional services be needed from another source, please feel free to seek the counsel that you need from a Licensed Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist who can address your desired needs.  We are happy to schedule a time to talk with you one on one in order to help your Spiritual and Psychological needs. Feel free to contact us  on our contact page.


In order to HEAL, you must admit what you FEEL.

The Recovery Prayer

Lord, please help me to know Your unconditional love.

Touch me with Your healing hands from above.

Grant me the heart to forgive those who have done me wrong.

Then help me to forgive myself to make my heart strong. 


Allow me to feel Your presence as You are by my side.

Bottle up my tears for in Your safety, I'll abide.

You said that I am more than a conqueror for You never lie.

I can place my trust in You, for You thought I was worthy enough to die.


In You, my feelings  do matter and I will tolerate no more abuse.

The only thoughts You have of me are of love with no misuse.

So as I end this prayer, please heal my wounded heart.

So I can be a healthy individual and be ready for a brand new start.