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Diary of a Worship Kid Cover
Solomon is a 12-year-old boy who loves to sing. He has earned the nicknames "worship boy" and "worship kid" because everyone knows he is a Christian, attends church, and loves to sing. However, Solomon has a lot to learn about the true meaning of worship. He encounters various lessons at home, church, and school to help him understand what true worship unto God really means.
The Teen's Journal to Jesus
Teens are faced with many challenges in life where they will have to make the right decision. They will encounter many types of peer pressures such as gossip, dating, drugs and also issues they may face at home. However, Jesus is there to give them all the answers they may need. Within the pages of this book, teens will see various issues that other teens have faced and the answer that Jesus gives based upon His word. Jesus is their best friend and will always be the One who they can go to in th
A Teen's Journal to God
Teenagers! They are unique individuals who are often faced with many life challenges at an early age. Unfortunately, peer pressure is often a part of their development, in which, they will have to choose between doing what's right or succumbing to the strain of it all. Things like drugs, bullying, teen pregnancies and cheating on exams are just some of the issues they may face. In this a fictitious journal, teens will read the thoughts of other teens who are facing challenges in making positive
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